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Cordt Holland

Cordt is a long time native of San Francisco, now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He graduated from San Francisco Art Institute in 1978. For the next thirty years he worked in electronic media including television and 3D computer graphics. He taught 3D animation and graphics at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco as well as San Francisco Art Institute. His knowledge and experience with computer arts is now focused on the world of fine art.

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The Process

The work utilizes fabrics, spray paint, stencils, acrylic paint, and construction foam photographed and composited in Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya Paint with found images as well as images created with 3D modeling software. The ability of digital media to access and mix images from any time period tends to blur what was once a continuity of distinct styles indicative of certain decades past, but now commonplace side by side in contemporary media. Nostalgic images of imaginary futures such as expos and world’s fairs that were once a part of days gone by, hold a fascination for many, as we now live in the very times people of the past were imagining. Thank you for showing an interest in these works. Much time, thought, laughter, joy, and thirty five years working in commercial media brought them to fruition. Cordt Holland

Artwork Medium

Our artwork may be acquired on printed canvas or vinyl. Prints shown here have grommets attached and our hung like advertising banners. Artwork printed on both canvas and vinyl are not on stretchers and come rolled up in a shipping tube. Please contact us for any additional questions.

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